What is a Scalp?


What is a Scalp?

A scalp or arbitrage is where you bet on multiple sides of an event in a way that guarantees you a profit, whithout any risk involved. You do this by finding favorable odds at different sportsbooks, and wagering on each side of the event.

Once you know how, a 2-way scalp is easy to spot using moneyline odds: A scalp is available if the plus number is larger than the minus number. e.g. Lakers +120 and Bulls -110.

This is where the Scalpulator comes in. Just enter those moneylines into boxes 1 and 2 of the Scalpulator, and the tool will tell you exactly how much to bet on each line, to guarantee a profit, no matter the outcome of the game. If the ROI (return on investment) is positive, then you have a scalp.

The Scalpulator is also useful when betting events with 3 or more possible outcomes like soccer (Win, Lose, Tie). These are much harder to figure by hand, while the Scalpulator will calculate the results instantly.
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